About us

This area of the website provides information about the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers the Netherlands, the benefits to Serviced Apartment operators of joining and the code of conduct of ASAPNL. The information if broken down into the following sections

Who are we? 

We are a pro-active group of serviced apartment operators throughout the Netherlands. We were first established by a small group of founding members in 2010 representing almost 500 apartments. Our members are expected to represent aproximately 1000 properties by the end 2012. We plan to expand our membership further in the years to come. As you will see from our member list, our members range from large international companies to small independent operators so we truly represent the full cross-section of the industry in the Netherlands. We operate in a very friendly and inclusive way and most of our members play a very active part in the Association.

 What we do?

Represent the serviced apartment industry and make sure the members benefit from our joint effort. We hold Board Meetings (all members invited) multiple times per year to talk through current issues covering everything from taxes, regulation, safety issues to industry standards.  Members find these meetings extremely valuable to exchange views with others in the industry and work to a association wide communal opinion. The board also discusses specific challenges and the overall future strategy for the Association. On a marketing/PR base we promote the use of serviced apartment as a vauluable service for travelers staying for an extended period.

 Code of conduct

The purpose of ASAPNL is to promote the role of the Netherlands Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartment Industry through increased awareness whist maintaining the highest standards. In order to be a serviced apartment provider and to become a member of ASAPNL it is necessary for the officers of the company to sign up to the Associations Code of Conduct. The members who sign and live up to this list can use our Quality Label.  Click here to see our Code of Conduct and Quality label.

Why Join?

We want to raise the profile of the serviced apartment industry in the Netherlands. The more members we have, the more effectively we can raise awareness of our sector. You will gain a great deal of intelligence by participating in our association. Add your voice to this important young industry to demonstrate your commitment to the industry. The market is being created and rules for operation are being written now. If you join ASAPNL you can help determine the industries future. Being part of a national organisation you will have:
  • Benefit from expertise of other members – sharing advice and ideas
  • Centralised independent feedback from member customers in order to assist members to resolve issues proactively and with positive solutions
  • Access to industry occupancy data

Quality Standards

The ASAPNL is working hard to develop and implement a five star rating system specifically for serviced apartments. Similar to the world's first serviced apartment rating system developed by the ASAP in the United Kingdom, which was launched in 2007. This rating system is expected to become the official star rating in the industry and ASAPNL members are entitled to communicate their ranking in all their marketing.

Apply Online

Soon you will find an online aplication form, in the meanwhile please feel free to conatct us as info@asapnl.org